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The LEGACY Of Ryanium Films

The Founder of Ryanium Films LLC

The Founder of Ryanium Films LLC

The Founder of Ryanium Films LLC

The Founder of Ryanium Films LLC

The Founder of Ryanium Films LLC

The Founder of Ryanium Films LLC

The Founder of Ryanium Films LLC

"I want to give everyone a chance."

The Founder and Former CEO of Ryanium Films LLC

"I want to give everyone a chance."

Matthew Silva is a multiple award-winning director, actor, producer, and editor, as well as the nephew of the former Queen of Puerto Rico, Myrta Silva, also known as "La Gorda de Oro." Matthew was born in Queens, New York, in 1999 but raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn the majority of his life. 

He is an American filmmaker who started his own production company called "Ryanium Films" [Pronounced "RAIN-IUM] at the age of 15. The day he founded his production company was July 11th, 2016. He also founded his other company "Silva Pictures" at the age of 21 in 2021. 

He has done quite a lot in a short time. Eventually, he began getting recognized for producing his biggest hits, such as Bronx Unit Undercover Files, I Got Now, & Intense Battles Reloaded, which have all  premiered in numerous credible festivals such as Warner Media (founded by Warner Bros.) and a few others internationally.


Early High School Life.

"It was like my mind was on autopilot."

Despite being  obligated to move a lot during his early life, he always managed to do what he loved the most which was recording videos on his YouTube Channel at the time named "Ryanium."

He would upload daily gaming content and constantly interact with people globally. During his early junior year of high school, he met his best friend, Aniel, who is currently the Ryanium Films Co-Founder. Ever since the encounter, he discovered his true calling in life.


Early Film Career

"It all started when Aniel told me to use my camcorder."

Matthew and Aniel were inspired to create their very first short film called "Intense Battles" back on May 23rd of 2015.


This all started shortly after releasing a video game series called "Intense 1v1" in his old gaming channel. Soon after their very first short-film release, they both eventually founded the Movie production that is known today as "Ryanium Films" on July 16th, 2016.

This led to them producing their very first feature films such as Solstace, Discovering the Abyss, and No Turning Back in 2017.

The Co-Founder & Former COO of Ryanium Films.

"We Are The Future of Filming Innovation."


Aniel Rios is a multiple award-winning screenwriter, actor, director, and producer. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, 1999. Aniel is an American filmmaker and entrepreneur who co-started a production and distribution company named "Ryanium Films" [Pronounced RAIN-IUM] at age 16 with Matthew Silva.


Ever since then, his progression in the film industry has increased. For a man of his youthful age, he has certainly delivered and accomplished remarkable story arcs such as "Whistleblower 2044," the TV horror series, "Purgatory" and the 2019 short film "Contracted." During the latter years of his life, at age 22; Aniel founded and established his singular productions company titled "Rios Entertainment" in 2021.


Thus the honorable mentions of his works showcased at film festivals worldwide, such as Warner Media (Warner Bros. Studios) and Urban Action Showcase (UASAE); include but are not limited to Intense Battles Reloaded (IBR), Bronx Unit: Undercover Files, and Peaked.




Aniel didn’t always have an easy upbringing. With his parents splitting during his early teens and traveling back and forth to Puerto Rico; he remained more than ever determined to overcome the hurdles of transition. He eventually met his best friend and partner, Matthew Silva in highschool who is currently the Ryanium Films Founder. From that point on it was all history. 


Aniel Rios
Aniel Rios
Aniel Rios




Upon graduating with honors from his previous high school in 2017, Aniel Rios took a leap of faith to join the United States Air Force. With more than four years of active continuous service, he continued to expand his creative visions into the film world we know today. "He was always the brains behind our day-to-day film activities," Matthew would recall. Now a United States military veteran, Aniel is a forefront of all future development in the company. “We are going to create things this world has never seen before in cinema history, mark my words. It’s going to happen,” he bravely recounts. Films like Contracted, Intense Battles Reloaded, and Dominic Bane would not have been possible without his ongoing presence. With consistent motivation, Aniel created his independent film company, “Rios Entertainment.” It was once formerly known as “Division 9 Interactions.”  

Ryanium Films LLC Today

"Think Big, Dream, Big Believe big, And The Results Will Be Big."

Matthew Silva and Aniel Rios

At Ryanium Films, we believed in pushing the boundaries of traditional filmmaking. We were committed to producing high-quality content that was not only entertaining, but also thought-provoking. As the former CEO, I can say with certainty that the drive and passion that fueled Ryanium Films continues to drive me today. While the company may no longer be in operation, the standards we set for ourselves have remained with us and will always be a part of our work.

Although Ryanium Films LLC is no longer in operation, the individuals who made up the team have gone on to start their own successful businesses within the film industry. Matthew Silva, the former CEO, is now running Silva Pictures, while the former COO has started his own company, Rios Entertainment. The legacy of Ryanium Films will forever continue as those of us who were a part of the team carry on the values and commitment to excellence that were instilled in us during our time there.

- Matthew Silva

Former CEO of Ryanium Films LLC

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